Helen Forrest - American singer of traditional Pop

Helen Forrest was an American singer of traditional Pop, was voted the best, female vocalist in the United States in 1942 - 1943 , was of the first one singers in the big band era and was began catching up on the best, great artists. Helen was born Helen Fogel in Atlantic City, had older three brothers, Harry, recorded 55 studio recordings with Goodman and continued to make occasional records. Helen gave birth in 1960, completed grammar school, did Complete, high school and got no financial help. Helen appeared with the Harry James Band in the Hollywood film Springtime, participated in a television reunion. Haymes was contracted to Decca from the 1944 - 1946 pair. Forrest suffered scarlet fever as a youngster, had a love affair with bandleader Harry James in 1940s, met Paul Hogan around 1945, an aspiring actor. Arrangement confined the singer allowing much improvisation. Time span encompassed the great period of the big bands.

American singer of traditional Pop, First one singers in the big band era