Harry Ainlay High School - High school in located Edmonton

Harry Ainlay High School is a high school in located Edmonton. The school has an enrollment, is operated by the Edmonton Public School System, is named after a former Edmonton mayor. Immersion Harry Ainlay is of the high one schools in the Edmonton Public School System. International Baccalaureate Program Harry Ainlay was the second school in Alberta. The Titan Volleyball Tournament is held in October. The Student Council is a body, has appointed 4 Vice Presidents overseeing a Board. The Graduation Council President is assisted by the Vice President. Students are encouraged to develop a meaningful body of work, enrolled in Art. The Drama sector includes the Technical Theare program. Drama production held demonstrates Script Analysis, Concepts. Aspects covered are composition, anatomical principles. The Harry Ainlay Music Program includes instructions in choral. Techniques are applied to the performances of all styles.

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