Hale School - Selective, independent, Anglican day boarding school

Hale School is a selective, independent, Anglican day boarding school, has hosted important teams over the Years. The school is a member of the Public Schools Association, moved to a spacious site at Havelock Street in 1914, hosted the English Cricket Academy including international cricketers Michael Vaughan and publishes an alumni magazine, the Haleian. The school was situated at the Cloisters on St Georges Terrace, appears in the top 10 schools for the Western, Australian Certificate. Times equity concerns have been addressed by a scholarship program. The Boarding House is located on the eastern side of the campus. The classroom block consists of 17 teaching spaces for History. The auditorium design has been dictated by the requirements. The ceiling loft is mechanised with variable 27 speed. The Middle School site is to located, adjacent Unwin Avenue between the John Inverarity Music. Hale School campus includes sporting various facilities including an eight lane. The Hale School Museum contains important, military, civilian records relating to the school. Report Download a copy of the latest, Annual Report.

Selective, independent, Anglican day boarding school, Member of the Public Schools Association