Greymouth - River port with berthage

The Greymouth receives mean, annual rainfall by high New Zealand standards, has a history of coal, an historic World War II gun emplacement at Cobden, is a river port with berthage, the main, administrative, commercial centre of Westland and was constituted a borough. The Greymouth is on State Highway, was flooded by the Grey River, is situated on the northern part of the Westland Plain. Location The town is at the located mouth of the Grey River. The town is the western terminus of the Midland line, began as a small settlement around the depot. The Greymouth Airport is of the centre of the town. Brunner discovered coal in the Grey valley, visited Mawhera on 25 January, 1847 in. John Rochfort undertook the original survey of the site. The Grey District Council destroyed part of this site. Greymouth High School is a secondary school with a roll. Greymouth Main School is a full, primary school with a roll. John Paul II High School is a secondary school with a roll. The schools are to have shared a adjacent, other Board of Trustees. The railway was opened to Reefton in 1894 Otira, was built to in 1876 Brunner. The Grey Valley line linked with a line from Westport.

River port with berthage, Main, administrative, commercial centre of Westland, Secondary school with a roll, Full, primary school with a roll, State Highway, Centre of the town