Gogamedi is a popular fair in Rajasthan, is in the located district of Hanumangarh, is celebrated in fair honor of Serpent God and is celebrated in the fair remembrance of Serpent God. Devotees seek blessings from Goga Ji Maharaja, dressed in yellow clothes, are referred by the name of Purbiyae and come along dancing. The temple is believed to be 950 years in the old, was dedicated to the local folk deity, Shri Gogaji, houses the shrine of Gogaji and is built on a high mound. The temple is visited by every caste, is constructed from Stone. Goga Ji Maharaja was a revered King, a popular Chauhan clan King in Rajasthan. Jaharveer left the palace, got to know about the intention. Gogaji is of the renowned one five peers with miraculous powers, is worshiped in Rajasthan in Madhya Pradesh.

Popular fair in Rajasthan, Located district of Hanumangarh