Gloria Anne Borger is an American, political pundit, journalist. Borger was contributing a editor, columnist, covered the three Mile Island accident for Newsweek, writes a regular column for CNN and profiled House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan. Life Borger was born to a Jewish family, lives in Washington. Education Borger was educated at New Rochelle High School. The school was established in the academic 1819 philosophy. The student is having these academic experiences in a wide range, experiences a interactive classroom environment. The students keep the campus calendar with alive performances. The university hosts a active Outdoor Education program. Support is at every available stage of the academic process. Testing achievements are an important factor in the admission process. Application is reviewed several times as the admission staff. Decision is a fantastic Decision for the prospective students. Admission Decision is made four weeks after the submission. The letter system is a strong part of campus tradition. Performance opportunities abound from the Colgate Orchestra. The student media represent a fine tradition with the oldest college weekly. Student athletes have the highest graduation rates in the country. Downtown presents a Center for cultural happenings. Individuals provide career counseling networking opportunities. The Career Services Center brings than more 200 employers. The Republican Convention runs though the evening of Thursday. KATHERINE BARNETT is convert to a Orthodox Judaism.

American, political pundit, Journalist, Political columnist for U