Ghent - City

Ghent is a city, a municipality, was the birthplace of John, boasts a nature reserve, a recreation park. The city hosts an annual athletics IAAF event in the Flanders Sports Arena, started as a settlement at the confluence, grew from several nuclei and was attacked plundered by the Viking s. The area including the outer commuter zone covers an area, is characterized by equable climates with few extremes. Lieven Bauwens having smuggled the industrial factory machine. Century Ghent was occupied by the Germans in both world Wars. Highlights are the Saint Bavo Cathedral with the Ghent Altarpiece. Campo Santo is a famous, Catholic burial site of the nobility. Tourism is becoming a major employer in the local area. The station offers a direct connection, Brussels Airport. Public transport Ghent has an extensive network of public transport lines. International buses connecting Ghent, other, European destinations. The Flanders Sports Arena was host, the 2015 Davis Cup Final. Precipitation totals vary throughout the year in response. Landscape comprises than more 220 ha of wet grassland.

City, Municipality, Birthplace of John, Leading city for cloth