Murnane moved to the Melbourne suburb of Macleod in 1969, was a revered teacher, has courted publicity and is dedicated to fiction. Murnane is a personal writer, was born in Coburg, is known within Australia and wrote with the mentality of an academic, active legislator. Murnane briefly trained for the Roman Catholic priesthood. The novel has been termed a fable, parable allegory, is about a metaphysical, parable appearance. The Plains was followed by Landscape with Landscape, is about the abstract, fable possibility of fable. Interests Murnane is an avid follower of horse racing. Barley Patch is an personal book, a dirge for the inaccessibility. The theorist Murnane has lauded is the hardscrabble, American Wayne C. Recipients include Dorothy Hewett, Judith Wright McKinney.

Australian writer, Personal writer, Avid follower of horse racing, Revered teacher, Least, Australian writers