George Smathers - American Lawyer

George Armistead Smathers was an American Lawyer, politician. Smathers was a U, a childhood friend of Philip Graham, the only member of the wedding party, returned to Miami in 1938, challenged the incumbent Senator and made substantial gifts, the University. Smathers coddled segregationist voters, badgered the incumbent Senator Claude Pepper, served as chairman of the Democratic, Senatorial Campaign Committee and voted against the Civil Rights Act. Smathers resided in exclusive Indian Creek Island, was acquainted with every President of the United States, arranged for Rebozo and said. The Senator representing New Jersey, became a rich man as a lobbyist. Florida newspapers covering the campaign reported such remarks. The act banned literacy test S named federal vote registrars. Kennedy was an usher, had adjoining offices became fast friends. Journalist Roger Mudd recalls being the network Representative in the press pool boat.

American Lawyer, Politician, U, Childhood friend of Philip Graham, Only member of the wedding party