Franklinia - Monotypic genus in the tea plant family

The Franklinia is a monotypic genus in the tea plant family, a deciduous, small tree, large shrub, is thought to be in relation. Hybrid crosses have been produced between Franklinia alatamaha. Description Franklinia alatamaha is a deciduous, large shrub, small tree. The tree has a symmetrical, pyramidal shape with different individuals. William Bartram returned several times, the same location, collected F, brought seed, Philadelphia and was to report the first, limited distribution of Franklinia. The Bartrams discovered the species, had taken plants, seeds home. Trees disappeared within the next, few decades, grew in Georgia. The fruit is a small round capsule containing a number. Georgia Forestry Commission named a specimen in the Quarry Garden in 2008.

Monotypic genus in the tea plant family, Deciduous, small tree, Large shrub, Deciduous, large shrub, Small tree