Franklin Square, New York - Unincorporated area in the Town

Franklin Square is an unincorporated area in the Town, part of the Town, has the Franklin Square Warriors youth football program, Franklin Square Raiders youth soccer program, gained national recognition through a financial institution and is bordered on the north by Stewart Manor. Franklin Square is served by two school districts 13 17. The hotel attracted increasing an number of visitors, came a sense of community. The building was LISTED on the National Register of Historic Places. Franklin Square residents are served by public two libraries. The Vereen holds an annual fundraising festival called the Volksfest. Newspapers Franklin Square has a print, weekly newspaper. Franklin was the largest bank in Nassau County by 1948. The bank was kept through the summer by massive loans, opened in the 1926 Franklin Square National Bank. RBDigital is an online magazine subscription service. Online learning program guides children toward kindergarten proficiency.

Unincorporated area in the Town, Part of the Town, Largest bank in Nassau County by 1948