Francis William Reitz - Popular personality

Reitz was a popular personality, an important figure in Afrikaner, part, had developed a keen interest in law, did go to London and refused the offer for this reason. Reitz became the first president of the Supreme Court, stood candidate won a landslide victory, accepted the endorsement on the condition and took up an appointment as judge. Reitz sought received the support of the Orange Free State, promoted the foundation of the Letterkundige, married and did for the codification. Reitz was in the instrumental modernisation of farming, was diagnosed with hepatitis. Enterprise proved after a unsuccessful, few months Reitz. 1873 Reitz was asked to represent the district of Beaufort West. Fraser Reitz published the first Ordonnantie boek van den Oranje Vrijstaat. Orange Free State President Brand was of the one politicians. Agriculture picked up the railway system became an important Source. Continent Reitz was received by several heads of state. Measures taken was to replace State Secretary W of one. Leyds was appointed Envoy, Extraordinary Minister Plenipotentiary. State Secretary Reitz had a complicated, hefty job. The Jubilee Diamond found in the Free State village of Jagersfontein. The book was an important propaganda document in the war. The English edition contained than the material, original, Dutch edition. Carats ranks as the sixth, largest diamond in the world. Consortium sent the diamond in 1896, Amsterdam, displayed the Jubilee at the Paris Exhibition in 1900. The year marked the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. Capacity Reitz showed the same qualities of wisdom. The Maitland Boer War Memorial stands in Maitland Cemetery.

Popular personality, Important figure in Afrikaner, Part, Important figure in Afrikaner, Instrumental modernisation of farming