Foot - Anatomical, strong, complex, mechanical structure containing 26 bones

The foot is a anatomical, strong, complex, mechanical structure containing 26 bone s, has longitudinal two arches, a transverse arch, is called a hoof and is like a diving board. The hindfoot is composed of the talus, is composed of three joints. The arches serve as pillars for the transverse arch. The muscles are the strongest pronators, aid, act to support the arch of the foot, acting on the foot and originating on the lower leg except the popliteus muscle. The extensor digitorum longus acts to the similar tibialis, arises on the lateral, tibial condyle along the fibula. Peroneus longus crosses the plantar side of the foot. The triceps surae is the primary, plantar flexor, consists of the soleus. The heads are inserted into the lateral sesamoid bone of the first digit. Flexor hallucis longus arises on the back of the fibula. Flexor hallucis brevis arises on the medial cuneiform bone. Adductor hallucis are part of this group, acts as a tensor of the plantar arches. Flexor digitorum brevis flexes the middle phalanges, arise on the calcaneus. The support area is marked by strong, greyish material. The weight is distributed across the metatarsus with excessive weight. Foot fetishism is the common form of sexual fetish. The toe is made up of several, small bones, articulates with the head of the first metatarsal. The phalanges are connected to the metatarsals by metatarsal five phalangeal joints.

Anatomical, strong, complex, mechanical structure containing 26 bone s, Major cause of foot odor, Common form of sexual fetish, Diving board