Finsbury Park - Public park in the ward

The park borders the districts of Finsbury Park, had opened a pub across the Road, contains tennis courts running a track and occupies a hilltop site on London Clay. The park opened in August 1869, was enclosed on the north by Endymion Road, was maintained by the Metropolitan Board of Works. The lake was built on the top of the knoll, has been altered in extent, is fenced surrounded by a tarmac path. The Hornsey Wood Tavern was destroyed in the process. Alexander Mackenzie was for the responsible path network within the perimeter drive. The chrysanthemum displays were attracted famous visitors from all areas. The pitch was reserved for Islington Albion Cricket Club in 1866. The bowling is secluded by green trees on three sides. The information given is a brief summary of the contact details.

Public park in the ward, Southern tip