Fenwick High School (Oak Park, Illinois) - Selective, private college

Fenwick High School is a selective, private college, preparatory school, has a financial assistance program in Order. Fenwick enrolls 1,200 students, has a strong, academic tradition, has accomplished a faculty and is the high school in the United States, the 2011 Chicago Conference Chess Champions, a proud institution Today. Fenwick uses the Blackfriar as a mascot, has been a dominant force in water polo, was selected by the U and fails in this purpose. The school colors are the black, white mascot is the friar. Joseph Province was divided Fenwick High School became part. Students are required to study four years of theology, embark on this exploration in solitude, are encouraged to work with organizations. Teams compete in the Chicago Catholic League while the female teams. The school was to welcome serious students, Catholic, competes in state championship series. The hockey team has won straight five Kennedy Cups. Sophomore sensation Joe Fornari was to able, net 2 goals in the game. The boys lacrosse team took the state championship. The Fenwick Student Congressional Debate team is ranked. Student Congress has been in the 1st Chicago Catholic Forensics League for five years. The award is given to Fenwick alumni, has been given every year Since high 1988 school teachers. Induction ceremonies are held at the Union League Club in Chicago. The Lumen Tranquillum award is presented at this event. Dominic chapel is the central Feature of the school. Dominic valued the intellectual life as a essential mission. Peter Newell served as the White House Scheduler for President Barack Obama. Pat Quinn was Illinois State Treasurer, Illinois Lt. Jim Durkin has been a Republican member of the Illinois House. Chris Nybo is a Republican member of the Illinois Senate. Steve Twomey was the 1987 Pulitzer Prize for Feature. Patrick Creadon is a director, documentary filmmaker. Sheila Moran was a producer of the Oprah Winfrey Show. Tawney Saylor is the Washington correspondent for an ABC Network affiliate. Johnny Lattner is a former, professional football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Dave Schrage has been a collegiate head baseball coach at Northern Iowa University. Champion was a television Color commentator for 16 years. Tim Stapleton is a former NHL center of the Atlanta Thrashers. Marques Sullivan was a professional, offensive lineman for the Buffalo Bills. Daniel Brutto is the President of UPS International. The Catholic tradition stresses the triumph of grace, esteems principles of sacramentality. Perspective encourages Fenwick students to explore the fields. The Christian Service Project is required a component of the Theology III class.

Selective, private college, Preparatory school, High school in the United States, 2011 Chicago Conference Chess Champions, Proud institution Today, Black, white mascot is the friar