Emmylou Harris - American singer

Harris did enlisting guitarist James Burton, pianist Glen Hardin, moved to Nashville, released a solo album in 1987 Angel Band and led the Sweet Harmony Traveling Revue in 2004. Harris has been organizing an annual benefit tour called Concerts since 1999, is a supporter of animal rights, has won 3 2 Awards from 12 nominations and has received five Awards. Harris released of the acclaimed one albums of the decade, is featured on a tribute, toured with an ensemble. Gram Parsons Harris returned to performing as part of a Trio. The album included two songs by Crowell, received No country airplay, was a commercial success. The record was of the expensive one country records. Hot Band members were drummer John Ware, pedal steel guitarist Hank DeVito. Country album did as a crossover success with the rock audience. Contributors include Buddy Miller, the McGarrigle sisters. PBS host Tavis Smiley interviewed Harris in a program.

American singer, Songwriter, Supporter of animal rights, Career