Emil Julius Gumbel - German mathematician

Emil Julius Gumbel was a German mathematician, political writer, was born in Munich. Gumbel moved to France, published a key book on the topic in 1958, was a prolific writer in distinct Two areas, a prolific collector of newspaper clippings and was of the one 33 signers of the 1932 Dringender Appell. Collection documents the political, professional work of pacifist statistician Emil J, is divided into six series, was reevaluated described. Scrapbooks were placed in appropriate oversize boxes. Series includes typed the proofs for a book, contains material relating to Emil J. The subseries contain microfilmed materials, contain clippings printed some other material, contains clippings about France World War. The scrapbook contains clippings pasted to the pages.

German mathematician, Political writer, Prolific writer in distinct Two areas, Prolific collector of newspaper clippings, One 33 signers of the 1932 Dringender Appell