Elmer Ernest Roper - Politician in Alberta

Kinney was elected to council as a Labour candidate, held office for six years. The Edmonton Journal ran regular, weekly reports from the Labour Council. The city was shut down with Limited utility, was in effect. The strike committee allowed unionized projectionists to show films. Mayor Clarke refused to give to in demands that strikebreakers. Labour had learnt lessons from the Socialist Party, held the majority of seats by 1928, had vision of a different kind. The Labour party leadership saw the CCF as a national party. Party had strong roots in the local, Ukrainian community. The Borden government cut relief payments, the provinces. Relief was being given out to the unemployed families by the city. The demonstration happened in December of that year. The government called out the police as the demonstrators. The police attacked the demonstrators injuring hundreds. Wilson had been the recording Secretary for the Edmonton District Labour Council.

Politician in Alberta