Elm - Disease of trees

Elms are components of many kinds, reached great size, age, have a long history of cultivation and occur in Pastoral Poetry. Elm phloem necrosis elm phloem necrosis are a disease of trees. The disease affects all native species, enters healthy trees via wounds. The beetle was introduced to North America from Europe. North America is the Japanese beetle Popillia japonica. Sapsucker woodpeckers have a great love of young trees. The elm has little, innate resistance, Dutch disease, was used as piers in the construction. Fossil fuel resources diminish increasing attention. References to elm in European literature from the Renaissance onwards. The symptoms are curling yellowing of wilting leaves on more one branches. DED is transmitted to healthy trees by two species. Elm yellows are caused by a micoplasmalike organism. Persimmon wilt has devastated persimmon trees in ten states.

Disease of trees