Ellen Swallow Richards - First woman in America

Richards was the first woman in America, became an unpaid assistant instructor in 1879, was appointed instructor in Sanitary Chemistry and began a long Association with the first, American correspondence school. Richards developed an interest in chemistry, is the author, graduated from Westford Academy and served on the Board of trustees. Richards served as official water analyst for the State Board, died on March, continued at MIT for two years. Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards was an industrial, environmental chemist in the United States. The Ellen Swallow Richards House was designated a National Historic Landmark. Reforms contributed to the replacement of the cluttered, decorative, Victorian dwelling. Ragucci is working to complete the oral history of Marjorie Pierce. MIT established a sanitary engineering program in 1890, Richards. SAGE Video Bringing teaching learning research, life.

First woman in America, Industrial, environmental chemist in the United States, Author