Elizabeth Montgomery - American film

Elizabeth Victoria Montgomery was an American film, stage. Life Montgomery was born on 15 April, 1933 in Los Angeles. Montgomery returned to Broadway, last one time, made many appearances on the game show Password, played a pioneer woman facing hardship and had a summer home in Patterson. Montgomery was the second actress, received eight Emmy Award nominations, became president of the young labor union in 1935 and was of Irish, Scottish descent. Montgomery was nominated for an Emmy Award, died of cancer at the age, was born in Los Angeles in the 1933 daughter and served as an ambulance driver in France. The show added to increasing the popularity of the name Samantha. The Putnam County town was the site of the Montgomery homestead. Film work includes 21 Jump Street walk the Hard Dewey Cox Story. Bruce Paltrow Mentorship Award inaugurated the Sue Mengers Award. TV show Bewitched Montgomery played Samantha Stephens. Bloch formed H, had been in poor health, was known as a tough, Fair judge and was born in Russia. Stores sold general merchandise including clothing. Jacob Bloch was an original member of the Patterson Fire Department, sold the store, Mr, resided on North Street in Patterson. Hall was elected president of the band organization. Time Patterson residents remember the house, recall that Jacob Bloch. Mayor LaGuardia appointed Bloch in 1945, a ten year term. Hyman Bloch was a lifelong member of the United Jewish Center, died on December at the 21 1964 Glen Hill Convalescent home. Hoover told reporters, served as the national president of the Girl Scouts. Brady was an agent for Indian Service, presided at the meeting, resided in Patterson and died on February. The farm became the family homestead, was purchased by the State of New York. The camp was named Camp Genevieve Brady in honor, operated until 1979 today. The property included an eight room house, a lakefront cabin, featured an 8 room guest house, a small farm cottage, was thought to be part of an 1860 estate and adjoins the Patterson Baptist Church. The property was bought by developers, remained in the Hayt family through the 20th century, remained in the hands of the family and had been in the Paterson family for a century. Elizabeth Patton was born on 26 July, 1863 in Cochranton. Breckenridge had a distinguished career as a soldier, a chance meeting with a Washington D, entered the Democratic, presidential primaries in four states in 1936, was the former Aida de Acosta Root and to raise funds for the establishment. Breckenridge obtained a list, ran for the office of U. Lindbergh was the famed aviator, became an American icon as a result. Wilmer inspired Mrs, joined the faculty of Johns Hopkins. The Wilmer Eye Institute continues to provides diagnostic, medical, surgical care for adults. The land included large expanses of lawns, had been donated to the Nature Conservancy. Clarence Edward Smith was the 30 deputy game warden, caretaker. Smith was shot to death, accepting the land donation on behalf, was an vocal, outspoken advocate of a change for a countywide consolidation and was serving the longest member of the board in 1976. Smith considered Patterson, received 6,786 votes, saw the arrangement as an inefficient waste and served consecutive eight terms as Patterson supervisor. Smith met with New York State Police Lieutenant Joseph Boone, was born on a farm in Towners. Putnam County contributed sixty views of the County. The house was demolished to make way for a housing subdivision, stands on NYS Route near the 311 Patterson Baptist Church. Prince Fulco DeBourbon died on October after a long 24 1962 illness. The DeBourbons were related to the Austrian royal house of Hapsburg, were born in Florence. Prince Filberto DeBourbon married Lucia Vazquez y Carrizosa in Bogota, was educated in Paris. The DeBourbon widows continued to live in the house until the late 1970s. Inventory taken during a Historical research effort. The Patterson Environmental Park consists of 22 acres on located South Street. The park protects 30 acres of sensitive marsh, was developed by the Patterson Environmental Conservation Commission, is known as the William S. The Clough Preserve was known as the Patterson Nature, was managed by the Nature Conservancy. The Conservancy approached the Patterson Environmental Conservation Commission with the hope. The Commission suggested the Conservancy deed the property. The Patterson Nature Preserve was dedicated on a rainy 23 May, 1979. Environmental Conservation Commissioner Robert Flacke attended the dedication ceremony called Patterson. The trail starts at an old apple orchard, is used as a stopover. County women were chosen to join a grand jury panel of 24 seven County women. Newcomb served with Mary H, was born in New Britain, was for the responsible construction. Arthur Newcomb was a member of the Patterson Presbyterian Church, suffered a stroke, had served as Putnam County Sheriff at the Turn and was known as a builder. Arthur Newcomb served as a Deputy Putnam County Sheriff for fifty years. Officials voiced optimism that the new Patterson kennel. The meeting was held at the Patterson Library with Mrs. The organization sponsored fundraisers in the form. The HAGS sponsored dances invited local servicemen, Girl Scout, Cub Scout, raised funds for the establishment, sponsored fundraising a dance on February. HAGS members enjoyed picnics, parties, acted as hostesses at the Pawling USO. The event was held at the Patterson Town Hall, was held at the Shady Brook Lodge on NY Route. Members were present Madalyn Johnson Barbour, Mary Flood Nelson. The Hayt property was purchased by the Guaranty Trust Co. The store was at the located corner of Orchard Street. Hillery was a 1910 graduate of Occidental College, a trustee, an artist, came to Patterson in November, helped establish the Putnam Lake Community Church and led a boy Scout Troup. Hillery donated books, taught high school history was an active member, was born in Monroe and retired as pastor of the Patterson Presbyterian Church. Hillery died in Santa Barbara on August, presiding. Addition to serving as pastor of the Patterson Presbyterian Church. Howard Kelley acted as chairman for the celebration. Mallory Stephens was a powerful Republican Party leader, political official, worked for the Harlem Valley Electric Company after high school, died in New York Hospital on January. Jennings donated a half mile strip in 1931, served as Patterson Town Supervisor, was born in Patterson on July and was known as a lifelong farmer. Jennings died on February at the 1 1964 age, died on May at the 15 1965 age. The post office was in the located Jennings building. The barn was located 40 feet from the Jennings house. Firefighters had to dam the brook to provide a pool. The funeral was held at the Jennings home with the Rev. Patterson contributed following the images, a community band, has relied on police. Lyden was a common summer site in Carmel, was born in the Bronx. People attended the event, the funeral at the Garden Street home over 200. Robert Montgomery was born Henry Montgomery, Jr, made a personal appearance at the opening in 1948, remarried four days after the divorce. United States entered the second World War, the AFS. Actress Elizabeth Montgomery was known for the early 1960s television program. The Nelsons were the postmasters of the Towners Post Office. Louis Nelson was the station agent for the Towners Station, was born in Russia. Evelyn operated the adjacent business, Evelyn Grand Wine. Homer Sacket Newcomb became pastor of the Patterson Presbyterian Church. Officers were intended to direct townspeople, bomb shelters. Edward Seagrave was appointed a special deputy in January. Shopkeeper Ralph Massa observed the gunfight telephoned Putnam Sheriff Arthur L. Calls were made to the State police, the Putnam County Sheriff. Robinson was a member of the Patterson Grange, was born in Patterson on October, arrived in the New World from England. The Robinson family was of the oldest one families in Patterson. George Robinson operated a hardware store on Main Street. Kessler purchased the site of the former Robinson store, relocated from New Jersey. Don Smith led Patterson as supervisor, assumed the job of Patterson Highway Superintendent. Current County Treasurer David Bruen received the Democratic Party endorsement. Bruen received 8,218 votes defeating the second place candidate. Patterson attorney Raymond Maguire became the first County Legislator from Patterson. County Sheriff Raynor Weizenecker supported consolidation. Daniel Mallory Stephens was a long time, local State official. Stephens was born in Patterson on December, taught in the school during the 1914 term, served with the U. Malcolm Wilson attended with a delegation from the New York State Assembly. Putnam County Sheriff Frank Lyden provided a police escort while State Police. The building was 60 feet, was identified as a tavern in the Erskin. The tavern was located on the right side of the house. Albert was a popular veterinarian, attended New York, Veterinary College. The band was directed by the principle of the Patterson School. The town band was to open anyone of any experience level. The Seeger family was a fixture in the Patterson village. Constance Seeger purchased the former Matthew Paterson property on NYS Route. Constance Edson Seeger was a concert violinist, violin teacher. Duncan Segur was born on 19 October, 1842 in Pawling. Segur was married to the former Elsie Parker, was a Mason was an active, founding member, was elected to the New York State Assembly at the age in 1912 and was in active politics. The Segurs were Baptists attended the four Corners Baptist Church. Tolbert raised Jersey cows on the farm, had been a president, vice president, was a presidental elector in the presidential 1936 election and was born in Weston. The models included miniature bombers, fighter planes.

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