Elisabeth Bumiller is an American author, journalist, did get the job. Bumiller attended Walnut Hills High School, Northwestern University as an undergraduate, was promoted to White House correspondent for the Times in 2001, covered the presidential campaign of Senator John McCain in 2008 and was named Washington editor. Bumiller expected to cover the White House to return to Washington, was covering the White House at the time, has conducted many interviews and notes both Bush, Rice. Bumiller expressing frustration that people, was criticized by Glenn Greenwald, came into the Washington bureau of the Times and continued to write for the Style section of the Post. Bumiller plans to go on a yearlong book leave beginning in June, is prepared for the task. New York Times White House correspondent Elisabeth Bumiller is to signing a close deal with Random House. Books have become increasing an source of consternation. The United States are pushing for a Middle East peace settlement.

American author, Journalist