Elaine Paige - English singer

Paige listened to the film soundtrack of West Side Story at 14, transferred to the New York production of Sunset Boulevard, has been dating Justin Mallinson since spring and has played roles in Agatha Christie. Paige competed against Bonnie Schoen, appeared as Florence in the stage production, appeared in concert in Scandinavia and presented performed in a six episode television show for Sky Arts television. Addition to being nominated for five Laurence Olivier Award s. The show attracts 3 million listeners, interviews, featured songs, was recorded in March. The album included popular songs from musicals, titled Elaine Paige, friends. The production ran for a disappointing 96 performances. The tour featured Gardar Thor Cortes performing a number, ran to from 9 20 October. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra accompanied at both concerts. Elaine is a Patron of the Trust, has appeared in a host of popular musicals.

English singer, Actress, Patron of the Trust