Edward Everett Hale - American author

Edward Everett Hale was an American author, historian, a descendant of Richard Everett, was of the only one Nathan, was born in Boston. Hale was a child prodigy, left the Unity Church, was elected a member of the American Antiquarian Society in 1847 and wrote book reviews. Hale married the niece of Harriet Beecher Stowe in 1852, was licensed to preach as a Unitarian minister, retired as minister from the South Congregational Church and died in Roxbury by part. Enoch was secretary of the General Association from 1804 - 1824 , was born raised in Coventry. Nathan Hale retired from active control of the Daily. The Daily offices occupied the ground floor, the family. Sarah Preston Hale was the daughter of Oliver Everett. Lucretia Peabody Hale was educated at the schools of Susan Whitney. Stories were collected as the Peterkin Papers in 1880. Charles Hale attended Boston Latin School, Harvard. Charles was elected to the Massachusetts Senate in 1871, returned to Boston after two years. Clements bought a summer house in Folly Cove in 1893. Ellen Day Hale died in a nursing home in Brookline. Lilian made portraits, landscapes, studied at the Hartford Art School. Robert Beverly Hale was educated at Roxbury Latin School.

American author, Historian, Descendant of Richard Everett, Child prodigy, Daughter of Oliver Everett, Artist, Writer, Writer, Only one Nathan