Edith Bunker - Fictional 1970s sitcom character

Edith Bunker is a fictional 1970s sitcom character. Character background Edith Bunker was a ditzy, cheery, loving woman. Edith was the voice of reason, the sharpest member of the Family, the center of the Family, chastised Archie. The character suffers from several, physical, emotional traumas Throughout the series. Vincent Gardenia was an experienced stage, film actor. Ideal toys made the first, correct, male doll from a TV series in 1976. Family tackled many, social issues with humor, enjoys the distinction. Jean Stapleton played the loving TV Mom Edith Bunker. TV Mom is the quintessential example of unconditional love. TV Mom Peg Bundy experienced of the many, same Motherhood challenges. Sharon Osbourne seems to be working the normal Mom with unconditional love, managed to repair a troubled marriage with Ozzy. Sharon won a court case against a media tabloid reporter.

Fictional 1970s sitcom character, Ditzy, cheery, loving woman, Voice of reason, Sharpest member of the Family, Center of the Family