Downsview - Area in the north end

The area is Downsview Airport, the former site, is named for the farm. Street has been relegated to a quiet service road in the adjacent neighbourhood. Allen Road brings large traffic volumes from the Ontario Highway. Explosions occurred at the Sunrise Propane Industrial Gases propane facility at 54 Murray Rd. The community centre is within the located apartment complex on Chalkfarm Drive north. The park features wilderness, wetland settings, is Downsview Dells House, a municipal drug. The Toronto District School Board operates Anglophone, secular, public schools. The Toronto Catholic District School Board operates Anglophone Catholic, public schools. The Conseil scolaire Viamonde operates Francophone, secular, public schools. The Downsview complex is a provincial office complex. Downsview Park is the host of large, public events. The George Jackson House is designated a heritage property.

Area in the north end, Large park, Provincial office complex, Host of large, public events