Crown ether - Cyclic chemical compound

The crown ethers are cyclic chemical compound, cyclic oligomers of ethylene oxide, the only, macrocyclic ligands, bind certain cations forming complexes. The oxygen atoms are situated to coordinate with a cation at the located interior. Pedersen popularized the dibenzo crown ethers, shared the 1987 Nobel Prize in chemistry, was to keep analyze the careful, enough minute sample of crystals. The lariat is attached to an amine centre in an azacrown. Property made Some impossible things, is for the useful, difficult process of separation. The lariat crown developed by Professor Seiji Shinkai of Kyushu University. The crown ether containing charged nitrogens for example. The molecule containing positive nitrogens captures a big ion.

Cyclic chemical compound, Cyclic oligomer s of ethylene oxide, Only, macrocyclic ligands