Cranberry Glades - Grouping of peat bogs

The area is a Glade, a bog, provides a home for many species, encompasses 750 acres. The Glades are a grouping of peat bogs, have been the subject of much, scientific study, is the Cranberry Mountain Nature Center providing interpretive services and serve as the southernmost home. Cranberry Glades Botanical Area was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1974. The peat is a layer of algal ooze, decaying organic matter. The ground is the wet, high acidity of the water, is as much quicksand. Animals including whitetail deer inhabit the Glades. Biome is characterized by a different community of plants. The Cranberry Mountain Nature Center has many, interesting features, is open hours for 2017 season. Features are the live snake display of One, program. Bears have been seen in the skunk cabbage along the boardwalk. Beavers are during the active day so the best chances. Mill Point turn onto right West Virginia State Route. The National Natural Landmarks Program recognizes encourages the conservation of sites. Sites are designated by the Secretary of the Interior. Birch Betula lutea Hemlock Tsuga canadensis Maple Acer sp. Red spruce Picea rubens Mountain, ash Sorbus americana Great laurel Rhododendron maximum mountain. Underneath were large patches of yellow clintonia clintonia borealis.

Grouping of peat bogs, Cranberry Mountain Nature Center providing interpretive services, Open hours for 2017 season