Craig Benson - American politician

Benson is an American politician, Entrepreneur, came to public attention, started Cabletron Systems and is reviewing strategic investments, potential turnaround targets. Benson resigned in 1999 Cabletron, serves as an adjunct lecturer at Babson College, served as adjunct professor of entrepreneurship. The company moved to Rochester, New Hampshire, was rated the number by 1991, one performance stock, employed 7,000 people by 1998. Law was challenged upheld in the Supreme Court in the case Ayotte. Craig Benson was born in New York City, served as governor of the state. Patel assumed the top job at Cabletron, keeps an office at the old Cabletron complex. Recession gripped the telecom industry after Patel. The litigation does involve any current executives of Enterasys Networks. Franklin Pierce College poll reported yesterday called the race. New Hampshire is considered a tossup with President Bush. Questions have arisen around the resignation of New Hampshire attorney.

American politician, Entrepreneur