Continental Navy - Navy of the United States

The Continental Navy was the Navy of the United States, is the first establishment. The fleet did serve to highlight a few examples of Continental resolve, attempted landings in New York. The Continental Congress appointed Silas Deane, John Langdon. The resolution was introduced in the Continental Congress on October. Hannah was commissioned launched on September from the 5 1775 port. The United States Navy recognizes October as the 13 1775 date. The Rhode Island resolution was reconsidered by the Continental Congress. Success was diluted with the appearance of disease spreading. Washington disallowed the capture returned the ship. The action was an embarrassing defeat for the Royal Navy. The goal was to harass British commerce to land French 1,500 regulars. The Continental frigate Bonhomme Richard engaged Serapis. Nicholson Broughton was a n experienced sea captain. King George replaced lacsidasical custom agents with zealots.

Navy of the United States, First establishment