Connie Stevens - American actress

Connie Stevens are an American actress, director, was the daughter of jazz drummer Peter Ingoglia. Life Stevens was Born Concetta Rosalie Ann Ingoglia in Brooklyn. Stevens moved to Los Angeles, started singing the Ace is the Place theme song in 1970s, received the Lady of Humanities Award in 1991 and Wrote edited directed a documentary entitled a Healing in 1997. Stevens has a star on the Palm Springs, had other experience with mental illness, lives in Beverly Hills at that time. Ambassador John Limbert was honored with the Medal of Honor. Actress Connie Stevens was presented with the Founders Medal for Patriotism. Stanley attended a weeklong schedule of business sessions. The documentary was received at a variety of film festivals. Miller was impressed with Stevens for many Reasons. The afternoon show footage is are wonderful, electrifying Elvis.

American actress, Director, Daughter of jazz drummer Peter Ingoglia