Claudia Schiffer - German supermodel

Claudia Maria Schiffer is a German supermodel, actress. Magazine appearances including the cover of British Vogue. May Gives birth, a second daughter, Poses clothed for the cover of Playboy. Schiffer was a judge on Fashion Fringe, has hosted the French fashion Awards, the World Music Awards, told Vogue and married the film director Matthew Vaughn wearing an ivory silk dress in 2002. Curls get kinkier, straight hair goes limp frizzies. The package features an odorless Sun Screen Rinse, a scented Sun Spray. Claudia Schiffer is a model, a German supermodel, made a decision in 1987, any missteps, is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records and was engaged with David Copperfield. The cover is all true stunners, no gimics, looks than the other ones. January Handpicked by German designer Karl Lagerfeld. June goes for the topless cover of German Vogue, Appears in a nude, pregnant, German Vogue image.

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