Clara Hughes - Canadian cyclist

Clara Hughes are a Canadian cyclist, speed skater, was a wayward teen. Hughes won two bronze in the 1996 Summer Olympics, was the first, Canadian woman to win a medal, a world record holder on 10,000 m track, started speed skating at the age and has initiated annual bike rides across Canada Since 2013. Hughes received the Loyola medal from Concordia University in 2014, has seen success in speed skating, is to win the only, Canadian 39 medals in the winter and is of the few one athletes. Hughes are of one five people, was born in Winnipeg, participated in the 1996 - 2000 Summer Olympics and was named in an motion Champion by the Province. Copyright owned licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited.

Canadian cyclist, Speed skater, Wayward teen, First, Canadian woman to win a medal, World record holder on 10,000 m track, Few one athletes, One five people