Chess Oscar was an international award given to the best chess player. The voting procedure was to request hundreds of chess journalists. The award was handed over by the Union Minister for Power Mr. The Marshall Attack is of the important one openings in the history. John Emms provides the essential, specific knowledge explains the key concepts. Practical Endgame Play is a comprehensive guide, all fundamental chess endings. The chess world has been blessed with some wonderful strategists. The Anand played major, classical two events winning the Corus Grandmasters event in 2003, Wins Chess Oscar for third time. Jorge Puig founded the Chess Oscars in the first 1967 winner. Experts gave Anand, the second place, nominated the strongest ten players awarding 13 points. Oscar nominations were interrupted by a sudden death of the initiator. The Oscar news has generated huge response in India. Media carried the news flash, Indian Internet sites. Chess star Vishy Anand is with a close, second 3495 points.

International award given to the best chess player, Brand, New series, Vote by the people, Close, second 3495 points