Champlain Valley - Region of the United States

The Champlain Valley is a region of the United States, a physiographic section of the larger Saint Lawrence Valley province. Lawrence River drainage basin drained by the Richelieu River into the St. The Richelieu valley is referred to as part of the Champlain Valley. The Vermont Lowlands are by underlain, sedimentary rocks, are on the western side of the state. Lake Champlain receives water from Lake George, has a significant effect on the region, is situated in the Champlain Valley between the Green Mountains. The region contains the largest amount of flat, rolling land, is considered an extension of the Vermont Lowlands, extends from the Canadian border in the north. Rocks include limestone, shale, are quarried for use in the building. The Green Mountains are the backbone of Vermont, part of the Appalachian Mountains, form a distinct chain pattern. The Green Mountain region receives a large amount of precipitation. The Vermont Piedmont is an area of the east Green Mountains.

Region of the United States, Physiographic section of the larger Saint Lawrence Valley province