Centennial Beach - Public, aquatic park at located 500 W

Centennial Beach is a public, aquatic park at located 500 W, has an adjacent skatepark, the west, has swim a team for children and receives about 2,500 visitors on an average, warm summer day. Centennial Beach was purchased by the Permanent Memorial Committee. The Beach plays host, various, athletic events, features water depths for swimmers. Lifeguards safety is a major priority at Centennial Beach. New applicants to be lifeguards at Centennial Beach. The Mudrats have swim practice, each week day morning, have practice at Naperville Central High School. The fire department supplied an exciting fountain from the middle raft. District assumed responsibility for Centennial Beach in 1969. Renovations included new, concrete decks around the facility.

Public, aquatic park at located 500 W