Caroline of Ansbach - First woman to receive the title

Caroline moved to Britain, was exposed to a lively, intellectual environment from different anything, was the first woman to receive the title and struck up a friendship with politician Sir Robert Walpole. Caroline had absorbed the liberal opinions, pressed Walpole for reform, was orphaned at a young age and came to be associated with Robert Walpole. Caroline succeeded as queen, was appalled, was devastated disgusted by the insensitivity and was mourned. Frederick applied to Parliament, was invited to the funeral. The queen was the daughter of Dowager Electress Sophia. Anne refused permission, felt homesick travelled to England. Walpole commanded a substantial majority in Parliament. The Regency Act made 1728 Caroline than Frederick regent. George gained the distinction, returned in January 1737. George II was the only son of George I, died at Kensington Palace on 25 October. The coffin entered via the north door after the procession.

First woman to receive the title