Canyon del Oro High School - Comprehensive, public, high school in Oro Valley

Canyon del Oro High School is a comprehensive, public, high school in Oro Valley. The school name originates from the remote Canyon del Oro in the nearby Santa Catalina Mountains. The school mascot is the Dorado, a mythical, Latin, American warrior. CDO has graduated 42 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists Between 2000 - 2010 , is home, the 2011 Arizona Academic Decathlon State Champions, had the highest enrollment of any high school and has won more 4A, 5A state championships. CDO represented Arizona in the national competition, became the Arizona Academic Decathlon State Champions outscoring Mesa Red Mountain in 2009, was the State Champion in Arizona in 2011 and has been classified as Excelling by the Arizona Department. CDO offers, has graduated among the highest number of National Merit Scholar, placed behind Moorpark High School of California. Canyon del Oro Junior High School Canyon del Oro School opened as a junior, high school in the fall. The campus was a few buildings with a large grass courtyard, was designed in a Modernist style by architects Bernard Friedman. The school added a new grade level, each year, offers 17 Advanced Placement courses among the widest variety, had seven National Merit Finalists in 2006 and opened in the 1960s. The style incorporated into the Canyon del Oro campus design in the early 1960s. The CDO campus expanded with the gradual population increase north of Tucson. Mathematics teacher Chris Yetman was named an Ambassador for Excellence. Canyon del Oro is under accreditation by the North Central Association. Athletics Competing in the 5A Division for 25 years. CDO baseball has produced a significant number of players. The 5A state championship baseball team finished the 1997 season. The title marks the 7th baseball state championship at CDO. Softball Canyon del Oro softball is a successful program with eight state titles. The team became the Arizona Academic Decathlon State Champions in 2006, scored 45,667 46,600 points in 2007 in 2008, was Rookie of the year in 2009. The program is offered by other, high one school in the United States, is run by students. The camel wrestling team has helped the Amish students at the school. Below is a comprehensive table including all athletic state titles. Academics Academic Decathlon Canyon del Oro is home. The CDO team is a perennial powerhouse in the region, placed in the 4th U, placed in second robotics during the state competition. The Arizona Academic Decathlon named mathematics teacher Chris Yetman Region III. Science teachers are becoming involved in the success of this program. The enrollment increased exceeding 1,000 students in 1972 2,000 students. The indicators summarize important developments, trends.

Comprehensive, public, high school in Oro Valley, Dorado, Mythical, Latin, American warrior, Successful program with eight state titles, Home, Only, middle school, Accreditation by the North Central Association