Calaveras Big Trees State Park - State park of California

The area was declared a state park, has been a major tourist attraction. The tree was estimated to be over one thousand years. The park is northeast of Stockton, houses main two campgrounds with a total, has a huge varitey of habitats. Trees Cabins Calaveras Big Trees are excited to offer rental 4 cabins. Summer enjoy evening ranger talks, numerous, interpretive programs. The Central Valley District resource crew has been at busy Calaveras Big Trees State Park with the Big Tree Creek Watershed Forest Restoration Project. The Oak Hollow campground is closed from early October until mid may. The North Grove campground is closed from the end of November. Sierra redwood trees are the largest trees in the world. Sierra redwoods are between 250 300 feet, are measured at six feet above the ground. Stories do to convey the little, actual size of these trees. Calaveras Big Trees North Grove was the first Grove of giant sequoias in 1852. The North Grove Trail is, starts out at the Big Stump.

State park of California, Northeast of Stockton, Largest trees in the world, First Grove of giant sequoias in 1852