Business school - Second, oldest, French business school

Rouen Business School is the second, oldest, French business school. HEC Paris has a sister campus in North America, was established by the Paris Chamber of Commerce. Gallen established the first University in Switzerland teaching business. The school conferred the first, advanced degree in business. Business cases are historical descriptions of actual business situations. Students are expected to scrutinize the case study, are admitted each year. Approach does make any extraordinary demands on the artistic, dramatic talents, emphasizes quantitative methods in particular operations research, used in business school. Academic research is considered to be an important feature, popular way. ESCP Europe ascribes the utmost value, importance, encourages students. Addition to offering classical business courses in finance. Business education arrived in continental Europe in the late 50s. Alumni include UK, foreign secretary William Hague. Harker advanced expanded the academic mission of the school. Willits emphasized the importance of economic research.

Second, oldest, French business school, Such one example, Historical descriptions of actual business situations