Brophy College Preparatory - Jesuit, high school in Phoenix

Brophy College Preparatory is a Jesuit, high school in Phoenix. Brophy has no diocesan, government, has raised capital through a major gifts campaign, sold the Brophy Swim Campus in 2013, Ryland Homes and completed construction in 2010. Brophy swim team won the national, high school championship in 2005, won the 5A Varsity Hockey championship for the first time in 2012, sent teams in 2008 - 2009 2012, the National Science Bowl competition and is of high one three schools in Arizona. Brophy College chapel was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Great Depression caused a major, financial strain. The football team finished ranked in the 3rd west in the 21st nation. The Brophy lacrosse team has won the Arizona Division. Rachel makes others, is a member of the a Capella Choir.

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