Binary tree - Single vertex

Definition using set theory notions, is a perfect tree. Authors allow the binary tree to be the empty set, use rooted, binary tree of binary tree, the term to refer to a complete, perfect, binary tree. The tree is a single vertex, a binary, full tree until the lowest level, imparts a notion of levels, has a root node, every node, the minimum, possible maximum height for the leaf nodes and consisting of a root node. Dyck words do correspond to binary trees in the same way. The node has than fewer two children of the child pointers. The way to do is to store the root of the tree, to do is to use a recursive function to find the maximum depth. Problems include traveling salesman, Byzantine generals. Advantages to traverse to transmit through easy serial interfaces. The preorder function is provided because the code.

Single vertex, Binary, full tree until the lowest level, Binary tree structure