Bahia - Center of sugarcane cultivation

The Chapada Diamantina National Park is home, picturesque. The islands are the patrimony of 12 municipalities. Discovery Coast The Discovery Coast preserves the intact landscape. Region contains of the largest one concentrations of fish. Sites are protected by the National Park of the Diamantina Tableland. Portugal established the city of Salvador in 1549, was united with Spain. Bahia was a center of sugarcane cultivation, is the important tourist center in the Northeast, the historical, cultural heart of Brazil, the birthplace, the main producer, exporter, the sixth, largest economy in the country, comprised in the 4 and is of the richest one states in minerals. The sugar economy was the importation of a vast number. The PNAD showed the following numbers, Brown 9,149,000 people. Salvador was of the one host cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The sector is the largest component of GDP, led by Ford. Cacao was being farmed by the time of the First World War. The economy began in a healthy 2005 state with an Exceptional trajectory. Reconcavo Basin The Reconcavo Basin has been a principal petroleum producing region. Social areas have been given priority by current, previous administrations. The airport handled 5,920,573 passengers in 2007, 91,043 aircraft movements, generates than more, direct, indirect 16,000 jobs. Road safety is compared to low, international standards. The football teams are Esporte Clube Bahia, Esporte Clube Vitoria.

Center of sugarcane cultivation, Important tourist center in the Northeast, Historical, cultural heart of Brazil, Birthplace, Main producer, Exporter, Sixth, largest economy in the country, Richest one states in minerals