Badrinath - Holy town

Badrinath is a holy town, a nagar panchayat, gateway, several mountaineering expeditions, located 62 km of Nanda Devi peak, has an average elevation of 3,100 metres. Badri is the Sanskrit name for the Indian Jujube tree. The temple is 50 ft with a tall, small cupola, has been destroyed by earthquakes. The Badrinath temple is the main attraction in the town. Ganga was split into holy two channels with Alaknanda. Cm shining from broad, dark, green, white tomentose. Transport Companies operating regular bus services from Rishikesh. The image depiciting a meditative posture of the Lord. Pilgrims have to trek beyond Tapovan up the Dhauliganga river.

Holy town, Nagar panchayat, Gateway, Several mountaineering expeditions, Located 62 km of Nanda Devi peak, Main attraction in the town