Badakhshan - Historic region comprising parts

Badakhshan is a historic region comprising parts, was an important region. The people were recognized as a separate, ethnic group in Tajikistan. History Badakhshan was an important trading center during antiquity. Sultan Shah finding resistance fled to hopeless Ailu Basit, returned slew, the Governor, was taken prisoner and was restored to liberty in 1751. Kunduz Chief was to lose unwilling opportunity seized Turrah Baz Khan. Bahadur Shah was deposed rightful owner recovered the throne Fortune, obtained aid of the Mir. Mir Muhammad Shah fled to Chiab, built a new fort named Sarai Bahadur, was engaged in hostilities with Jalal, ud din chief. Mir Muhammad Murad Beg taking advantage of this situation, attacked Rustak in Badakhshan in 1839. Fayzabad had a small population under spiritual preceptor Mian Fazal Azim, fell to Mir Yar Beg. Sher Ali Khan The son Dost Muhammad Khan was a beardless youth, Nasrullah Khan. Dost Muhammad Khan determined to leave Emirate of Bukhara. Mir Ahmad Shah discovered that the murder of Yar Beg. Chiefs united marched against Mir Ahmad Shah, met as enemies. Mir Jahandar Shah was forced to take the side of Sher Ali Khan, seeks refuge in Kabul, fled to Kulab. The boundary followed the Oxus stream under the northern slopes, was carried along the crest of the Hindu Kush. The Hindu Kush represents the southern edge of a great, Central upheaval. The Kokcha River traverses Badakhshan from southeast. Country has been opened to modern, economic development of any importance. Discrepancies are noted contact the credit bureau, dispute. Article was written in order, was published in the common 1895 spelling.

Historic region comprising parts, Important region, Important trading center during antiquity