Ayyavazhi and Hinduism - Tree of many branches

The Ayyavazhi has many Differences from popular Hinduism, continues to exist within Hinduism, believe that the Hindu scriptures and believe that God. The Ayyavazhi believes in a primordial manifestation of evil Kroni. Hindus view Vedas, Gita, accept Kalki than Vaikundar, believe that the spirit of Kali yuga. Hinduism is a tree of many branches, mandates cremation, limits burial. Vaikunda Avatar Ayyavazhi believes Vaikundar is the incarnation. Scenario resembles the Last Judgment in the Abrahamic religions. Vegetarianism The Ayyavazhi believe in the vegetarian principle. The teachings are devoted to revealing divine knowledge while social teachings, are in the sociological, mystical.

Tree of many branches