Awdal - Administrative region in Somaliland

Awdal is administrative region in Somaliland, became the true stepchild of Somalia, is planning to stand if Somaliland. Plate Awdal region is distinct, topographical three zones, the coastal, mountainous plateau zones. The zone is the mountainous zone, is to 500 600 meters above the sea level, stretches to east west and comprises sandy plains. The zone has many, dry river beds, valleys, is characterized by topographical features as such, deep gorges, is characterized by existence of many, dry rivers and is than hot, more 45 degree Celsius during the summer. The zone is with hot temperatures of 40 degree Celsius, consists of a string of mountains. The Awdal region is in the located, Arabian Plate, consists of four districts. Towns have no easy access, major, urban centers, are during the populated summer season as the temperature. People to have an easy access, essential goods, use crude tools for mining, listen to Radio Hargeisa and turned than religious, traditional, moderate, Somali Ulimos. Schools were teaching the recitation of the Holy Koran, were owned run by local, religious scholars. Health development sector According to regional health authority, the population. The sector challenges identified was the difficulty of one, are to the specific region with the exception. Somaliland constitution enshrines Islam as state religion. The Ministry has small offices in other districts, is constrained by the absence of regular budget allocations. Challenge hampering the services of the sector, is that the groups. Economic Development Agriculture Development Sector Agriculture is the Second, largest, economic activity in Awdal Region. Agriculture sector plays a major role in the economy. Livestock Development Sector Livestock is a mainstay of Somaliland economy. The departments are Animal Health, Animal Production, is supposed to have technical 5 staffs of six. The Animal Health department is for responsible livestock diseases. Animal production department is for responsible livestock production. Livestock grazing lands are turned into regular farm lands. Third lack affordable energy discourages potential investment opportunities. The drought had hit the coastal districts Lughaya in 2011, Zeila districts, has displaced 10,000 families of pastoralists. Fisheries Development Sector Awdal is the third region. The districts are pastoralists, do have administration offices, other, essential sector infrastructures. Zeila is the entry point of people, occurs in the coastal zone. The medium level enterprises have more capital bases than the low levels. The level enterprises have more capital base than the other two levels. Mining Development Sector The mining sector is the least, developed sector in the region. Gemstones mining activities generate a limited, unreliable income. Individuals buy stones from the miners, put effort, costs. Environment Environmental Protection Awdal Environment Protection Region has distinct, topographical three zones. The Ogo Zone is suffered the populated, worst, environmental degradation, is an upland terrain. The reserves were reserved for livestock pastures for wild animals. Forester camps were established for the protection. Factors have contributed to such, environmental degradation. Population density has increased economic conditions become harsh people. The zones are are developed in the potential, least. Energy Sector Energy is for the crucial development of a nation. Charcoal consumption is in the highest, urban centers while fire wood. Borama town used to have electricity power station. Companies provide electricity in Borama than three. The airport has no security fence, is missing some vey, essential services. Challenges are addressed airport operation, are in international scope. The information please see the entry for population pyramid. Newspapers have field reports in the region, are published in Hargeisa. The Post Office was built during the colonial administration with mud bricks. UNICEF has drilled bore at the strategic site in case. Rain water catchments dry up during the dry season. The operators are to any accountable government institution, body. Somaliland government carried out all necessary steps. Borama population has increased since collapse of former regime. UN agencies work with the local government, involves in distinct role. Demographics Awdal is inhabited by people from the Somali, ethnic group. The CIA is in interested information about imminent, planned, terrorist attacks. Somalia National Peace Conference held in Djibouti. The population is distributed along the horizontal axis with males. Telecommunication firms provide wireless services in most, major cities. Awdalians are no exceptions, shared with the rest of the country. The Isaq concentration is limited to Northwest, Togdher regions. The secessionists have been of busy, destabilizing Mogadishu. JSTOR provides a digital archive of the print version. Pdf format Click to download employee, biographical data sheet.

Administrative region in Somaliland, Distinct, topographical three zones, Coastal, mountainous plateau zones, Third region, Located, Arabian Plate