Audra McDonald - American actress

The McDonald left the show on July, Private Practice at the end, won the Tony Award for Best performance, received a 2016 Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding, lead actress and has recorded five solo albums for Nonesuch Records. The McDonald returned to the Broadway stage in the revival in 2016, was married to musician Peter Donovan, was raised in Fresno and graduated from the Roosevelt School of the Arts program. The McDonald starred on Broadway as the vaudeville performer Lottie Gee, appeared as Naomi Bennett in Private Practice, has been involved in the LGBT marriage equity movement. Performance was filmed at Cafe Brasil in New Orleans. Life McDonald married bassist Peter Donovan in September. Something seems to be happening in momentous terms of diversity. Women have been nominated in all corresponding four performance categories. Helm Mike Nichols has won more Tony Awards for Best Direction. Jules Fisher has won nine Tony Awards than any more, other lighting designer.

American actress, Singer