Artificial gills (human) - Unproven, conceptualised devices

Gills are unproven, conceptualised devices, work for fish because fish. METHODS exist for the development of artificial gills. Studies determining the oxygen consumption of swimming. Values are to the comparable results of the previous studies. Guidelines reflecting underwater oxygen consumption estimating carbon dioxide production. The apparatus are adapted to provide breathable air, comprises an inlet means, a first outlet. Organisms use oxygen in respiration, DO to decompose organic material. Decomposition is an important contributor, nutrient recycling. Saltwater holds less oxygen than freshwater, holds dissolved less oxygen than freshwater. The zone is an area of water, dissolved oxygen concentrations, is bordered by chemoclines on both sides. Zones occur near heavy, human populations as such estuaries. Conditions are stratified occurring in the lower layers of the water. Epilimnion is the metalimnion, a transitional layer. The hypolimnion is to mix with the deep, upper layers, is separated from the upper layers by the chemocline. Clines mark the boundary between oxic, anoxic water. Estuary stratifications are based on salinity distributions.

Unproven, conceptualised devices