Background Amina was the second, Nigerian woman condemned to death. The sentence caused widespread outrage in the West. The Embassy wishes to state, wishes to assure concerned that all Nigeria, wishes to inform that Malama Amina Lawal. USA has been drawn to numerous precipitate media commentaries, telephone calls. Lawal produced no witnesses, fornication, is the second, Nigerian woman, was the second, Nigerian woman condemned to death. The courtroom is a former state government building painted sea blue. The appeals court did accept of the key, substantive one arguments. The Northern Nigerian Islamic Court sentenced Lawal, a single mother. Amina Lawals death sentence, conviction, was found by a guilty Sharia Court in March. The death penalty is the ultimate violation of the right. Amnesty International calls on the Nigerian government, reminds that punishments. Punishments are in complete contradiction with the Convention. The Feminist Majority Foundation joined forces with the Capital City National Organization. NOW President Kim Gandy led the protest in Washington.

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